You will, investigate human trafficking, its dimensions, how it is handled by the CJS, how society has reacted to the issue, and how existing organizations have addressed the issue (use the outline below to guide your research).

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Question description
Your final paper should have a new brief introduction that captures the reader’s attention and tell them what will be in the paper. The paper should also have a new conclusion summarizing what you have done in the paper. Proper in-text and bibliographic citation (APA style) is absolutely required.
Assignment #1
In essay format:
Define the problem
Research the current literature relevant to the type of victimization you have chosen
Explore the kinds of harm related to your topic
Analyze responsibility for the type of victimization (look beyond the individual level and consider structural causes)
Measure the dimension of the problem
Analyze relevant statistics using the BJS, NCVS, or other legitimate sets of data
Explore characteristics that define the victims and perpetrators
Gauge the extent of harm caused by the crime in question
Use a minimum of 3 sources (1 must be scholarly) with proper APA format in-text and reference page (AKA bibliography).
Submit as a Word document on Canvas
Assignment #2
In essay format:
Investigate how the CJS handles the problem
What aspects of victimization does the CJS recognize? Ignore?
What have the victims asked of the CJS?
Analyze the effects of any policies that the CJS has applied to the problem
Examine societal responses to the problem
Consider issues of constitutional rights
Analyze proposed legislation
Analyze media reactions to the problem
Investigate established response organizations. What works? What doesn’t?
Use a minimum of 3 NEW sources (1 must be scholarly) with proper APA format in-text and reference page (AKA bibliography).
Submit as a Word document on Canvas
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