Written Communication Evaluation

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Research and evaluate 1 of the forms of written communication, with the exception of email, that was mentioned in the “Types of Written Communication used by Educators” presentation in Module/Week 6. Your response must be formatted to current APA writing style (title page, running head, page numbers, reference page, etc.) with at least 2 scholarly, academic resources and at least 1 in-text citation for each resource. In 400 – 400 words, include the following information:Provide the background on this form of communication. What is the purpose of it?Who is the audience?How is it most frequently used?Identify the strengths and weaknesses.Is it an effective form of written communication?How would use effectively use this form of written communication in your classroom? Resources helpful:Text:Lester & Lester:Chapter 1-7Ballenger: Chapter 1-5Slideshow: Types of Written Communication used by Educators:https://learn.liberty.edu/bbcswebdav/pid-19521183-dt-content-rid-179188979_1/courses/EDUC306_D01_201740/Presentations/Presentations/Types%20of%20Written%20Communication%20used%20by%20Educators%20%28LMS%29/res/html5.htmlPurchase the answer to view it
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Written Communication Evaluation
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