WK 5 Discussion 2 DUE TODAY 2 FEB BY 3PM CST[I Only Need You To Respond To The Peers. The Question Has Already Been Answered]

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When do you think a project team should plan for testing? Provide a justification behind your position. Who do you think is the best resource(s) to conduct testing activities, and why?Respond to at least three of your peers. In your response, consider providing other resources for conducting testing activities.PEER 1Hello Everyone,Regarding the development of new systems, the full understanding of the requirements at the start of a project in reference to the system tend to be the main focus. If the requirements are not known fully, the understanding of the design and components are going to be shaky. This issue may come up when working with any project. This is why having the requirements spelled out, organized, prioritized, and then briefed to the team involved is going to be the best thing for the project.Testing is just as important as understanding the requirements and having the team all on the same page. The team should start planning for testing as soon as the requirements are understood. Testing should also be planned to occur after each phase is completed and also implemented when needed. The reason why this is recommended is to ensure quality of the project, security of the project programming, and assurance that the project is being shaped correctly and efficiently. This will also assist to adhere to possible time constraints that could exist for the project also.The best resource to conduct the testing is a team designated to handle testing all on its own. This is going to most likely be the quality assurance team. Their sole function is to assure that everything is being correctly executed and the testing is performed with notes and outcomes of the testing.References used:Valacich, J. S., & George, J. F. (2017). Modern systems analysis and design (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.PEER 2I think the team should begin planning out their testing process once the requirements are known by creating a master test plan. In the design phase, there should be several other test plans created: a unit test plan, an integration test plan and a system test plan. By planning for the testing early in the process, they can compare the test plans to the requirements and decide what should be tested and how, any possible incompatibilities between the hardware and existing applications, and what types of issues or failures could possibly happen in any given scenario. By taking a proactive approach to testing, they can better design the project and write the code based upon the test planning, hopefully resulting in less errors once the actual testing begins. This will help ensure that the finished software will meet the needs of the business and users.The team that developed the software shouldn’t perform the actual testing. It would be best to get another team or other unbiased group in the IT department to perform the testing. Users from different departments or other stakeholders could perform the beta testing to get an idea of how the software will be used by the different business areas. If the development team performed the testing, they could either intentionally or inadvertently skew the test or overlook errors in the code.Reference:Valacich, J. S., & George, J. F. (2017). Modern systems analysis and design (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.PEER 3How each individual team interprets the goals to be achieved, is a direct representation of the level of clarity incorporated in the project plan. Especially when it comes to a test project, inaccurate project planning can have a serious implication on the test execution of the system under test and on the overall quality of the product as a whole. This is the first step for any project and plays a very important role in any testing project. the test team has to identify and hence determine what items have to be tested. These items are heavily based on how the end user will consume the system and hence has to be measurable, detailed and meaningful. The items or features that are identified generally describe what the particular software or product intends to do; characterized as functional requirements. There can also be some non-functional requirements identified such as performance or end to end software components’ interaction. Also if the test project requires automation, the feasibility of that is also evaluated here. Having a clear scope defined will prove invaluable to the management to clearly figure what has been tested and which team has covered the testing effort. Purchase the answer to view it
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WK 5 Discussion 2 DUE TODAY 2 FEB BY 3PM CST[I Only Need You To Respond To The Peers. The Question Has Already Been Answered]
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