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Please watch one of the following films and write a 1200-1500 paper that discusses an anthropological theme or themes that we have covered this semester. Make sure that your paper focuses on a topic and is not an encapsulation or summary of the plot. For example, what topic from class does the film illustrate well? What message does your chosen film challenge or reinforce? Why? How? Those are just example questions. Pretend that we have seen the same movie and are talking about it. How did you see the film differently because of this class?
If your paper is a plot summary or discussion of plot rather than a paper that utilizes the film to provide examples that showcase your understanding of class materials you will receive an automatic “F”.
Remember, write well on this assignment as your writing and not just content count! Watch those pronouns: avoid “it” and overuse of other pronouns, don’t start a sentence with a pronoun, and don’t start a sentence with a prepositional phrase, and of course going to the writing center is always a great idea! You will be graded on content, clarity, organization, mechanics and making your paper interesting. Use Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced with only three lines for the heading that include your name, the chosen film and the date. This is a formal paper, so give it your best and show me what you have got.
Please choose one of the following films to watch:

Rabbit Proof Fence
Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner
Tangerines (Not to be confused for Tangerine)

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Who can do this film paper ?
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Once Were Warriors

Even the Rain
The Joy Luck Club
Whale Rider
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