What Does Food Mean to You

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Short Paper: What Does Food Mean to You?
In this first writing assignment, you will take some time to reflect on the role of food in your life. We’ll use this paper as a way for your to introduce yourself and your experiences with food in writing. Later in the term, you’ll be able to reflect back on this paper. This paper also provides me with a good idea of where you are at with your writing. This is intended to be a low-stress, low-stakes assignment. Feel free to have some fun and express yourself in your own voice.
• Introduce yourself and your views of food
• Practice writing with a low-stakes introductory assignment
• Create a paper that you can reflect on later in the term
• Demonstrate your current writing abilities
Write a short paper about the role of food in your life. Consider the following questions:
What is your attitude towards food? What foods do you usually eat? What do you like and/or dislike? Why? Have your tastes changed over time? What are your strongest memories associated with food? What relationships in your life are connected to or associated with food? Do you have any food rules or ethical considerations regarding food (i.e. don’t eat meat, avoid processed foods, avoid foods that seem pretentious or too “gourmet,” follow a vegan diet, avoid carbs or sugar or high fructose corn syrup, etc)? Why do you follow these food rules?
You don’t have to answer all of the above questions, just pick the ones that are most salient to you.
Details: The paper should be 2 pages double-spaced, 12pt. Times New Roman (or similar) font.
RUBRIC-Rubric: Short Paper—What Does Food Mean to You?
Full Credit
Assignment shows dedication and care, remains true to the topic, and meets the full page requirement (2 pgs)
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