Family Health Assessment

Interview findings/response analysis

  1. Values, health perceptions

The family remains focused on ensuring that each of the members undergoes health status check-ups on a frequent basis. Usually, the family members undergo medical checkups that are conducted by the same medical practitioner. Besides, it is the family’s priority to ensure that each of the kids is assessed medically before they go back to school after vacations. At times, health conditions can act as impeding factors of scholarly excellence. The family has both parents, the father and mother, who are very vigilant on health issues. There are null cases of drug abuse by either the parents of the children.

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Family Health Assessment
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  1. Nutrition

One of the parents is a physical fitness instructor at a local gym. Accordingly, she ensures that the family members follow a strict program of feeding on fluids, fruits and other forms of nutritious foods. She says that she understands the combination of foods and fluids that regulate and observe metabolic demands of the children and the father as well. According to the family records, the father indicates that the family faced nutritional complications where the children faced tissue integrity problems with the children when the economy was not on its lowest level. Resultantly, the family has the real concern for nutritional issues.

  1. Sleep/rest

The family gets comprised of busy parents. Accordingly, the respondents highlight that they barely take temporal rest sessions. That is; they arise at 4.00 a.m. and sleep late in the night at around 12.00 midnight. This tendency goes on for the six working days in a week. However, the Sundays are accorded rest and sleep in compensation of the tedious week duties. However, the children manage to take 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily. This is a healthy trend for the children to adopt. According to the family members, lack of sleep causes the loss of normally in reasoning due to backdated sleep hangovers. The family has to live by it since that is the precise channel that they can earn income.

  1. Elimination

The mother is very vocal in explaining how inexperienced she was when she got married. The feeding habits of the family lead to initial health complications due to constipation. However, this has changed gradually after she incorporates foodstuff that contain roughages. Accordingly, the family ensures that each dinner meal has roughage foods. The history of constipation is no longer a topic in the family. There are no records of complications with respect to skin excretion or diarrhea.

  1. Exercise and activities

The family faces a rather unexpected trend with respect to the role that the father and mother play. The mother engages in exercises since it is her professional course. Hence, she is physically fit all round the year. However, the father is a private consultant who spends all his time in the office. Similarly, the children barely engage in any active physical exercises. The family is fully conscious about the impacts of failure to engage in physical exercises on a frequent basis. However, the major constraint is time.

  1. Cognitive

The family considers the fact that each of the family members is mentally stable as a very uplifting. The subject family gets comprised of three children. None of them has complained of severe pains from the mind. Accordingly, the ability of the children to make mental interpretations is enterprising. That is; the each of the children records affirmative results and inferences from the teachers. However, cognitive abilities affect the father, at times, whenever he is faced by situations that are complex. However, he has tenderizers that cool his nerves and neutralizes his pains. However, these conditions are temporal.

  1. Sensory perception

The subject family does not have prevalent sensory perception conditions. Each of the family members is capable of feeling pains when a pinch gets applied. In addition, each of the family members hearing capabilities is perfect. The same case applies to smell and to alienate wrong and right. However, the father, and one of the kids suffers from shortsightedness. However, this is not a hereditary condition. The family members believe that the shortsightedness gets caused by the opinion that two victims are addicted to using the computers. Accordingly, the strong light affects the eyes hence tampers with the eyes capacity to interpret images.

  1. Self-perception

The family is an all-round kind of family. That is; it gets governed by sound psychological principles that do not induce different perceptions and misinterpretations of situations. Accordingly, each of the family members does not show any signs of self-rejection. Records from both school and home show that each of the children stands by the principles he or she has. Ideally, the parents apply the rule of guidance and freedom of decision making to the children. This grants the children a vivid chance to develop their cognitive abilities. The children believe in their abilities.

  1. Role relationship

The parents are very focused on ensuring that they build self-oriented kids. A psychological point of view dictates that the children from the family can carry out their roles responsibly. Ideally, the parents carry out their responsibilities to the letter. Similarly, the children manage themselves whenever the parents are away on duty. This is a great sign of self-perception acceptance and responsibilities. The ability to perform roles creates an image that the coherence is very high in the family.

  1. Sexuality

A distinct yet exclusive investigation of the sexual activity of the family members gives impressive results. First, the feeding habits, according to the parents, have created a high sexual potential within the family. In fact, one of the kids is significantly sexually active. Inference indicates that the elder daughter got pregnant in college but underwent an unfortunate miscarriage. The family has a history of sexual activeness from a hereditary point of view.

  1. Coping

The results and response of the previous research sections on the family indicate that the family has a high capability to cope with severe situations. For instance, the parents explain their transition endeavors from poverty to being able to provide sufficient income for the family. They used coherence strategies to solve issues that seemed oppressive. For instance, the two senior members of the family apply consultative strategies to solve individual situations that face them. The children tend to learn by apprenticeship. That is; they also consult each other before they can consult the parents on serious issues. Therefore, there are little or no situations where depression gets experienced.

Wellness nursing diagnoses

There are several applicable wellness nursing diagnosis strategies that can get applied to the subject family. However, the most prevalent methods include the readiness for enhanced social and emotional being and readiness for enhanced family coping, as well as sensory perception.

Family Health Assessment interview

Openly ended questions

  1. Values, health perception
  2. What are your priorities in your family’s health status
  3. How frequent do you go for medical check-ups as a family?
  4. Does the family suffer from any cases of drug abuse?
  5. Nutrition
  6. Are there stringent measures to ensure that each of the family members is nutritionally stable
  7. Are there any historical, nutritional cases that have faced the family?
  8. What is your perception and argument for or against the art of maintaining nutrition stability
  9. Sleep/rest
  10. What is the estimate-average number of hours that the parents/ guardians take asleep or resting on the daily basis?
  11. What is the estimate-average number of hours that the children take asleep
  12. are there sound impacts of taking rest or not taking rest that the family faces
  13. Elimination
  14. Are there special trends that each of the family members has with respect to the elimination
  15. Does the family feed on roughages and if so, how frequent?
  16. Has the family faced any health cases of elimination complications?


  1. Does the family members engage in any recreational or exercise activities?
  2. How frequently does the family engages in activities and exercise for the purpose of body fitness?
  3. Do you have any negative or positive perceptions of impacts of exercises on health conditions?
  4. Cognitive
  5. How is the level of cognitive development amongst the children?
  6. Are there differences in cognitive abilities between the family members?
  7. How fast do the children manage to communicate after they get born?
  8. Sensory-Perception
  9. Are there any cases of ill-fitted nociception in the family?
  10. If there are cases of negative response of sensory perceptions, are they hereditary
  11. What medical attention measures does the family take to address these issues
  12. Self-perception
  13. Are the family members self-esteemed? (especially for the kids)
  14. What are the causes of the depleted self-esteem or elevated self-esteem?
  15. Does the family have strategies of passing on positive self-perception?
  16. Role Relationship
  17. Is there any case of dysfunctional relationship cases between the family members?
  18. What is the criterion used to allocate responsibilities within the family
  19. How often do the children fail to accomplish their roles due to strain?

10 Sexuality

  1. Does the family suffer from dissatisfaction in the sexual patterns? (especially for the parents)
  2. Are there any cases of sexual pro-activeness signs in the children?
  3. Are there any extraordinary sex trends that the family members are ready to express freely?
  4. Coping
  5. Is the family undergoing complex situations of stress?
  6. What strategies do the family members use to control stress
  7. Are there any cases when stress developed into depression? (Kindly elaborate)


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