U.S Labor History

U.S Labor History

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Title:U.S Labor History
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U.S Labor History
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Division or Analysis Essay: Suitability of the Motorcycle in Modern Transport

Motorcycles have been a popular means of transport in recent years. The increasing popularity of motorbikes is relatable to the challenges that motor vehicles pose in contemporary transportation. The structure and design of the motorbike places it an strategic position  of being an appropriate transportation means. As such, understanding the aptness of these two-wheeled vehicles is important in different ways. This paper analyses the appropriateness of using motorcycles for transportation in a world where the challenges of quick, accessible, and convenient transport is increasingly becoming a challenge.

When one saddles up to use a motorbike to move from one place to another they, in turn, protect the environment from considerable greenhouse gasses. According to Kampf, Jozef, and Nina, motorcycles produce less meaningful toxic gases compared to the four-wheeled alternatives (71).  While a car can release multiple volumes of poisonous exhaust fumes within a few kilometers, motorbikes produce less of the smoke. Moreover, for that reason, commuting using a motorcycle protects the environment in such a way that the interests of future generations are protected.

Again, in matters of urban planning, motorcycles require less parking space. For that reason, this means of transportation reduces the need to build big parking plots. In broad terms, motorbikes could strategically minimize the financial implications on the local government when they are embraced fully.

Concerning speed and traffic jams, motorbikes are do go a long way in saving time for those who travel using the two-wheeled vehicles. On the one side, motorcyclists can maneuver through traffic jams; thereby, enabling them to arrive at work far much earlier than motorists who get stuck in inevitable traffic jams (Sengers & Rob 459). On the flipside, some motorbikes are designed for speed. They can move several times faster than motor vehicles; thereby, making them incredibly important for emergency operations such as police and emergency operations.

            Additionally, the two-wheeled vehicles are comparatively easier to finance compared to the four-wheeled alternatives. Therefore, to own a bike, one does not have to spend a considerable portion of money (Sengers & Rob 462). Concerning repairing the bikes, the rider pays less in terms of spare parts and service charge compared to a motorist. Moreover, motorcycle insurance covers cost less compared to that of many motor vehicles. The bottom-line is, an individual can own this means of transport without having to spend more money in the purchase, servicing, and the payment of insurance premiums stages.

            Healthwise, motorbikes foster aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercises are vital in reducing the incidence of life-threatening ailments. While motorbikes are habitually associated with males, females can also take these healthy rides to burn several calories which could predispose them to severe preconditions. As a result, using a motorcycle for transportation is healthy means of transport that factors in the health needs of those who utilize it.

To sum up, motorbikes are a suitable transportation means in the current world. While some people might opine that motorcycles belong to people of low socio-economic status, this is not the case. This is because matters of speed, environmental protection, fewer parking spaces, maneuvering traffic jams and urban planning cut across both sides of the socio-economic divide. The suitability of motorbikes in contemporary transportation exemplifies the significance of the two-wheeled vehicles in future transportation. This discussion forms the basis for transport experts to convince local and state authorities to encourage people to embrace motorbikes when moving from one place to another fully.

Works Cited

Kampf, Rudolf, Jozef Gasparík, and Nina Kudlácková. “Application of different forms of

transport in relation to the process of transport user value creation.” Periodica Polytechnica. Transportation Engineering 40.2 (2012): 71.

Sengers, Frans, and Rob Raven. “Metering motorbike mobility: informal transport in

transition?.” Technology Analysis & Strategic Management 26.4 (2014): 453-468.

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