To Dr. Clover (Unit 2 Week 1 First Response Needed)

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With so much being juggled daily, it is easier to get a bit ahead in case something comes up that may push me behind, I’d rather jump ahead then fall behind. In addition, this topic was very interesting; I could not wait to give my feedback.So, Mr. Thomas engaged with his secretary of XYZ Corporation in a conversation pertaining to the female body part. Which body part? In addition, it was on a television program and the information was pulled from a dictionary. Which to me is valid and he wasn’t talking about her specifically or giving any sexual gestures. I do believe that the company should have given further investigation before terminating Mr. Thomas.Termination was justified because they had no good reason to let Mr. Thomas go. Going back to the legitimates of termination in our previous Unit and this is not one on the list.I do believe the jury looked at the situation as I did and wanted more information as to which body part was, he referring to? The arm and leg as well as the information that he discovered was proven and can be researched.Sexual Harassment is a gesture, comment or remark that is unwelcoming or inappropriate. In addition, harassment comes with “making gestures” “sending suggestions” as opposed to “making comments” and sharing inappropriate info.”If someone asks for favors or implies sexual fantasies it’s sexual harassment but if someone says they seen, heard etc. about a situation dealing with this act, its not Sexual Harassment.There is someone that dealt with this situation at work in the past, during a training someone from another sex was training her. He was very flirtatious continuously asked for her number, then proceeds to expose himself saying how much he can satisfy her.I cannot wait to see what the other responses will be good luck all!Reference: “What is Sexual Harassment”Purchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view it
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To Dr. Clover (Unit 2 Week 1 First Response Needed)
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