To Dr. Clover (Last Response Needed For Unit 1 Week 1)

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1) Applying critical thinking skills to analyze business situations is one of the objectives I feel I would use as a manager. You should be able to think quickly and solve situations quickly. Recognizing situations that present potential legal and ethical issues and developing solutions for those issues is another objective that I as a manager would need to accomplish.A risk or challenge a manager might face would not being able to think fast enough to solve a problematic situation. Also, not being able to recognize potential legal and ethical issues to develop solutions for them.2) TripAdvisor provides lunch to their employees 3 times a week and whatever the employees would normally spend on lunch gets donated to charities. TripAdvisor employees also join in on community service. There is also a charitable foundation that offers grants and matches monetary gifts given to places where employees volunteer. 3) NOKIA use to be very popular in its introduction stage. However, now it is declining every day due to the Samsung company. Samsung has tried to take NOKIAs target customers and sells their phones at a cheaper price. Customers are trying to save money so they end up switching to the cheaper product. If NOKIA manufactures a product that is at the same level if not better than Samsung then they might be able to survive. Editor, T. M. (2013, November 27). 5 Companies That Give Back All Year Long. Retrieved from Purchase the answer to view itOur Blog. Copyright © 2018
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To Dr. Clover (Last Response Needed For Unit 1 Week 1)
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