This Is A Discussion Post From My Fellow Student,read It And Respond To It, I Need Quality Response. Due On Tomorrow Morning

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Verbania, Inc. is a company that is being design and there are requirements needed for the project. The company requires an efficient network that carries data, voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Power over Ethernet (PoE). VoIP is phone service over the internet. It can work by many ways such as: turning analog signals into digital signals that can be sent via internet, by using an IP phone, connecting directly and lastly by using an application that supports VoIP. (What is VoIP, 2018) PoE is a technology that allows network cables carry electric power. The benefits of VoIP are that it is less costly and functions much better and with PoE minimizes the use of wires to be installed and supports Wi-Fi access points. Installation is much easier and flexible with Poe (Rouse, 2018). The best recommendation of cabling to be use with both VoIP and PoE is an Ethernet cable, the Cat 6, which is a standardized twisted pair cable use for Ethernet. Category 6 cables can normally support 10 Gigabit Ethernet at 250 MHz for up to 32 feet. (Martinez, 2018). When there is an expectation of tons of data to be transmitted, devices will require higher power levels. PoE standard, IEEE 802.3bt, supports up to 100W of power per cable. With higher power levels it can cause for wires to be extremely hot and cause problems with in the network and business due to downtime and loss of production. The benefits of using a Cat 6 cable is that it offers a larger gauge diameter, has less power loss and has tightly packed cables. A larger-gauge diameter reduce resistance and keep power waste to a minimum. Energy efficient increases when structured cables maximize the power running through the larger cables. With cables packed tightly in trays and pathways, the chance for heat increases because it doesn’t have chance to dissipate away from the cable (Tellas, 2016). A Cat 6A has enough insertion loss margin to take on the extra heat improving energy efficiency and lower operating cost.ReferencesMartinez, J. (2018). 8 Steps to Optimize Your Network for VoIP. Retrieved from PC Reviews:, M. (2018). Power over Ethernet (PoE). Retrieved from, R. (2016). 3 Reasons Why Power over Ethernet Demands CAT 6A Cable. Retrieved from is VOIP. (2018). Retrieved from the answer to view it
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This Is A Discussion Post From My Fellow Student,read It And Respond To It, I Need Quality Response. Due On Tomorrow Morning
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