These Questions Below Are For My Module 04 Principles Of Finance Quiz

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1). Taxes provide an incentive to take on debt because interest paid on debt is a deductible expense for tax purposes, shielding income from taxation.A) True B) False 2). Firms have legal requirements to distribute funds to the owners in the form of cash dividends.A) TrueB) False 3). The uncertainity associated with the earnings from operations:A) Financing RiskB) Operating RiskC)Sales RiskD) Business Risk 4). The greater the ——- financing costs in the capital structure, the greater the leveraging effects on earnings to owners for a given change in operating earnings.A) OperatingB) VariableC) FixedD) Business 5). If firms earnings are insufficient to meet interest payments on debt obligations, a firm can obtain the necessary funds by taking any of the following EXCEPT:A) Issuing more shares of stockB) Purchasing additional income-generating plant and equiptmentC)Reducing assets by using working capital needed for operations or selling buildings or equipmentD) Taking on more debt obligations 6). What is the breakeven level of output when a product sells for $32, has variable costs per unit of $14 and the firm’s total fixed costs are $18,000?A) 1,000 unitsB) 1,285 unitsC) 562 unitsD) 391 Units 7). Successful use of financial leverage can increase a firm’s return on equity, however, a higher degree of financial leverage also increases the potential for loss.A) TrueB) False 8). Financial distress is the condition where a company makes decisions under pressure to satisfy its legal obligations to its shareholders.A) TrueB) False 9) A firm borrowed $600 of the $1,000 needed to begin operations. If net earnings are $25 for the first year of operation, what is the return on equity?A) 4.17%B) 1.56%C) 2.50%D) 6.25% 10). A firm should consider these factors when determining its capital structure:A) Taxes, risk, sales volume and competitionB) Type of asset, financial slack, fixed costs and riskC)Taxes, risk, type of assetand financial slackD) Risk, sales volume, fixed costs and financial slack Purchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view it
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These Questions Below Are For My Module 04 Principles Of Finance Quiz
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