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1. You MUST provide in text citations in APA format. You mention the author but you need to include the in text citation. For example: Lambert (2017) found …… You used a few at the end but did not use them through most of your thesis. APA in text citations are MANDATORY.
2. You need to carefully proofread your thesis after you make the corrections. You will see where I commented about some sentences being awkwardly written — this is not a comprehensive list. You used contractions in at least once place and wrote in the first person in several places–a thesis is formally written.
3. Your references are not in APA format. It is MANDATORY that references are in APA style.
4. You have several photos in your thesis. Each photo must be properly labeled with an APA heading, listed in the table of contents, and mentioned or discussed in the text.
5. Most importantly — the structure of a thesis is not flexible nor optional. Your thesis must be written in this format: Introduction, Literature Review, Theoretical Framework, Research Design, Findings & Analysis, Conclusion, References. Please consult APA for proper formatting of headings. You have the info but you need to reorganize it. Under Findings & Analysis you can use subheadings for Case Study 1, Case Study 2, Case study 3. In that section you can review some literature but do not call it a lit review. In the Research Design section you will tell me you are conducing a multiple case study. Tell me the cases you are using and why. This section doesn’t have to be long–a page is fine.
6. It seemed that your first case was on Anwar Auluqi but you provided very little information about the situation. You need to strengtened this case–there is a lot of peer reviwed literature on this case.
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