Theories of MENA States and Regimes: Authoritarian Resilience

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Write a one-page paper summarizing the readings, articles or report. Students should analyze by answering two or more of the following questions:
How significant is the question?
How convincing or persuasive is the argument?
Is there a different methodology the author could have used?
How logical are the causes and outcomes behind the argument?
Is the empirical evidence and methodology sound, why or why not? Are there alternative explanations the author could have considered?
What solutions does the reading propose to solve a specific issue and do you agree with them and have others to propose?
Required Readings/ Recommended Readings
Sean L. Yom, “Introduction: The Middle East and North Africa in Comparative Perspective,” in Mark Gasiorowski and Sean L. Yom (eds.), The Government and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa (Boulder, Co: Westview, 2017): pp. 17-25. (text book)
Eva Bellin, “The Robustness of Authoritarianism in the Middle East: A Comparative Perspective,” Comparative Politics 36.2 (January 2004): pp. 139-157. (attached as pdf)
Philippe C. Schmitter and Terry Lynn Karl, “What Democracy is… and is not?” Journal of Democracy (Summer 1991): 75-88.Preview the document (attached as pdf )
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