The Four-Source Essay: Basic Synthesis

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The four-source essay will use sources from the Critical Annotated Bibliography to present catagorized findings on the my topic (Would America Benefit from Universal Healthcare). The four-source essay will be 1,000 words in length.
My thesis statement: The adoption of universal health care would not only alleviate the inadequate current American health care system, it would ensure that the healthcare needs of its citizen are properly met. You may edit my thesis statement if you need to as long as it supports universal healthcare for the American health system.
I have attached my critical annotated bibliography which has five sources, you are to use only four of these sources to complete this four-source essay (you are free to choose which ones you want to use). I have also attached PDF versions of all the sources. I’ve also attached the instructions for this essay.
The tutor chosen to complete this four-source essay will also have to complete the six-source essay and the multiple-source essay (literature review) because the six-source essay is built upon the four-source essay and the multiple-source essay (literature review) is built upon the six-source essay. Please do not bid on this essay if you will be unable/unwilling to complete the six-source essay and the multiple-source essay.
It won’t allow me to upload the last two sources so I will upload them in the comment section after a tutor has been chosen. Please let me know if you have any problems viewing the files.
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The Four-Source Essay: Basic Synthesis
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