The Database Models, Languages And Architecture

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APA format with references The company you are working for currently uses an Access database at its various locations. Your manager asks how many total customers the company is currently servicing. It is important to have a single central view into the data, but the use of Access at the many sites makes this task difficult. Describe the limitations of using Access in this fashion, and describe the pros and cons of using a single enterprise-scale relational database management system (RDBMS) instead. As you describe the benefits of an RDBMS, also discuss its features and components. Finally, you hear coworkers interchange the term database and DBMS; describe the difference of the two terms and how they work together. Your post should include the following details:A description of Access and its limitations in a distributed business modelThe features and components of an RDBMSThe pros and cons of an RDBMSThe difference between a database and DBMSPurchase the answer to view it
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The Database Models, Languages And Architecture
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