Strong need for training.

Strong need for training.
  • Length: minimum of 2,250 words; maximum of 3,250 words
  • Follow APA format
  • Please proofread your work carefully before submitting it; spelling and grammar errors will reduce your grade significantly
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OPTION 1: Using the Fabrics, Inc., case study developed throughout the text as a model, determine an area in your organization (or your university or an organization you’ve worked with in the past if you are not working while you study) that might need training. See Chapters 10 and 11 for ideas, but you are not limited to these key training subjects. Integrating content from the text, describe how you would design a TNA that you could use to determine needs. Then, assume the TNA indicated a strong need for training. Again, referring to the Fabrics case as a model and incorporating concepts from your lectures and text, describe how you would complete the design, development, and evaluation phases for the area you chose to investigate for your organization. In the design phase, include at least four sample objectives for your training. Describe how you would ensure alignment of training to organizational mission, vision, and values and discuss how you would attend to the learners’ needs in your design. In the development phase, describe how to develop a training module and describe what a real module for your chosen area might look like. Include at least three training methods you might use effectively and describe your instructional strategy. Discuss relevant motivation and learning theory, and describe how you would meet the learners’ needs. Also mention your strategy to maximize learning transfer. Finally, describe your evaluation strategy.

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Strong need for training.
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