Stragetic Management

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Work 2Assurance of Learning Exercise 3BThe External AssessmentPurposeThis exercise will help you become familiar with important sources of external information available in your college library. A key part of preparing an external audit is searching the Internet and examining published sources of information for relevant economic, social, cultural, demographic, environmental, political, governmental, legal, technological, and competitive trends and events. External opportunities and threats must be identified and evaluated before strategies can be formulated effectivelyInstructionsStep 1Select a company or business where you currently or previously have worked. Conduct an external audit for this company. Find opportunities and threats in recent issues of newspapers and magazines. Search for information using the Internet. Use the following six Web sites: http://moneycentral.msn.com 2On a separate sheet of paper, list 10 opportunities and 10 threats that face this company. Be specific in stating each factor. Step 3Include a bibliography to reveal where you found the information.Step 4 Write a three-page summary of your findings, and submit it to your instructorPurchase the answer to view it
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Stragetic Management
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