Secondary Literature Analysis Paper

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Pick an article or book chapter about Korean civilization in the link?I will send the link later), and critically analyze and evaluate the arguments that the author makes.
In you essay, you must address these questions:
What research question(s) does the author have?
What are his/her argument(s)?
What evidence does the author use to support his/her argument? [Also, if the author is arguing against a particular piece of evidence or claim, what evidence is used in supporting his/her claim and how does the author refute it?]
Is the argument and/or evidence persuasive or not? Why or why not?
What are the author’s underlying/hidden assumptions?
Does the author have points he/she assumes are true without providing evidence?
Are the assumptions explicit or implicit?
Are there necessary questions left unanswered in the article?
This paper is not simply a summary of the article or book chapter. You must critically engage and evaluate the author’s argument(s).
Your paper must be in short essay format, THREE pages, 12 point font, and double spaced.
Citations must be made in Chicago Author-Date style:
(Author’s last name Year of publication, Page#)
Your analysis must be your own analysis. If you reference another author’s analysis, you must attribute their work by citing the source. Incident of plagiarism will be dealt with following official university rules.
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Secondary Literature Analysis Paper
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