Fire Sprinklers

The water mist and the water spray systems come with many benefits. According to Butry & Brown, (2007), the systems allow for the activation of the sprinkler closest to the fire; therefore, the only sprinkler nearest to the fire source activates. This is important because it helps save the amount of water mist and water used in extinguishing the fire. In addition, activation of the sprinkler nearest the fire helps ensure that people do not panic because of the outbreak of fire in a room.
The water spray systems are of great benefit in helping to extinguish the fire. They contain fire extinguishers that subvert the fire and prevent it from spreading from one room to another. The systems help in preventing damage to property as activation of the fire sprinklers occurs immediately after the outbreak of fire.
The fire sprinkler systems are of benefit in reducing the costs incurred by the local authorities in their attempt to put out fires in the municipality. This is because the fire sprinklers are timely and use less amount of water to put out the fire. Klaus (2013) argues that the fire department utilizes a lot of water in subverting fires in the scales of 120 gallons for every minute. In addition, the fire brigades take about 10 minutes to put off the fire, thereby consuming a lot of water.
According to Butry & Brown (2007), the water spray systems have the benefit of allowing people to seek safety due to their timeliness and efficiency. The systems are timely and always trigger alarms thereby creating awareness among the housekeepers in case of an outbreak of fire, allowing them to evacuate the building. The advance helps save lives that would otherwise fall victims of house fires.


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Fire Sprinklers
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Butry, D. T., & Brown, M. H. (2007). Benefit-cost analysis of residential fire sprinkler systems. Gaithersburg, Md.: U.S. Dept. of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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Klaus, M. J. (2013). Water-based fire protection systems handbook (4th ed.). Quincy, MA: National Fire Protection Association.

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