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Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill Carnival has played a significant role in the economy of London. Unfortunately, most people remain ignorant of this fact following the event’s biased representation by the media. Most industries have benefitted from this event, for instance, the music and design artists who eagerly wait for the season so that they can make sales from the costumes of the band and carnival dancers. It is disheartening that most people associate the event with crime, disorderliness, and violence. Well, it is natural for such vices to crop up during any event, but it is a gross mistake to associate the Notting Hill Carnival with only its shortcomings whereas it has many advantages. If only the media could focus on the benefits that Notting Hill Carnival delivers, most people would embrace it thus maximizing on its returns.

The media has the power to ruin or build a brand. In the case of Notting Hill Carnival, the issue is not any different as the media will always make negative reports about the event thus decreasing its popularity. As a result, most people who consume these media reports have a negative attitude towards this cultural event (Waterman, 1998, 63). A closer examination of the media representation of the Notting Hill Carnival reveals that the event has received nothing but bad press.

For instance, a widespread rumor states that the event encourages racism and criminal activities. In other words, it is a thing for the blacks and involves a lot of violence (Jackson, 1988, 147). I do not dispute that Notting Hill is an inner city with a bursting population of the blacks. It is for this reason that the media represents the Carnival as an event characterized by overcrowding. As a result, the media makes a considerable audience believe that the event is a ritualized experience for the blacks that does not care to follow the acceptable societal norms.

I would firmly say that such a media representation of the Notting Hill Carnival has a bias because a closer examination of the experience reveals a very positive image. In other words, as time goes by, the event has brought significant changes in the neighborhoods. For instance, there has occurred a continued restructuring in the cultures as well as identities of both London and Britain (Riggio, 2004, 243). Today, the media should change their representation of the event because it wears a totally different face from the one that characterized it thirty years ago. There is so much stereotyping about the event such as the participants being nothing but a problem to the general public.

The truth about the event is that it has taken note of all the complaints and worked towards improving it. As a result, the event has managed to play a significant tool in uniting the community (Ferris, 2010, 523). Therefore, it sounds unfair to accuse the event of discord and crime since it has long shed off its face of being a trouble maker. I find the management of the Notting Hill Carnival very positive because even though the media has destroyed the reputation of the event, it does not choose to fight. Instead, the management is wise enough to pay airtime for advertisement of the event through the same media (Ferris, 2010, 529). All said and done, the accurate information about the event is that it is directing much effort to see that it delivers positively socially and even economically.

The media has always associated Notting Hill Carnival with crime, disorderliness as well as violence. The belief is that if these vices do not emerge from the event, then there is a high potential for their occurrence. In other words, the media circulates images of violent episodes that characterize Notting Hill Carnival with an aim that the audience will only remember the event for its negatives. In fact, it has not been easy in the recent past to come across any news article about Notting Hill Carnival that does not highlight the number of arrests made during the event. As if this is not enough, the media would use the term “black male crime” in its reporting (Matin, 2005, 73). As a result, most people saw the event as a threat for the simple reason that it was a ritual for the blacks.

I am of the opinion that Notting Hill Carnival has delivered more advantages that the media should not fail to mention. For instance, nobody can underestimate the event’s contribution to the economy of the host country. For instance, the music and design artists have reaped huge profits from the event since they have a guarantee to produce costumes for both the bands and carnival dancers. Other sectors in which the Notting Hill Carnival creates jobs in thousands include arts, clothing, and transport. Additionally, the tour operators and those in the car rental business smile all the way to the bank following their huge profits from the event. Another sector that can attest of the financial boost that the Notting Hill Carnival delivers is the marketing and advertising.

In this case, I think of the media and wonder why it would always wish to major on the negatives of the event yet it is also one of the beneficiaries. It is good to extend credit where deserved, and I feel the media knows too well how the event presents them with an opportunity to earn extra money. After all, there are always advertisements about the upcoming event every year which I am certain fetches the media a good sum (Carver, 2000, 44).

Does it add up cutting the same finger that feeds you? I do not think so. The fairest way to go is giving the audience a fair representation of the event; as you mention its negatives, do not forget the positives as well. The hotels also have a reason to smile when the Notting Hill Carnival comes knocking. During this period, they have so many customers, and I am certain they always long for the event so that they can make extra sales (Alleyne-Dettmers, 1998, 217).

Ever since late the 1980s, the local area has realized an economic turnaround. Reports from the Greater London Authority (GLA) indicate that the local area, as well as the community, has found a vital resource in the event. On the same note, London benefits from this event in that its publicity leads to repeat visitations (Cohen, 1982, 37). It is indeed heartbreaking to note that Notting Hill Carnival has not received its deserved recognition despite its value to the social, economic, as well as cultural contribution.

In conclusion, Notting Hill Carnival is not in any way an all negative event as the media wants everyone to believe. In as much as it has its fair share of shortcomings such as disorderliness, its positive contribution is evident. For instance, it has helped in the reconstruction of culture in both London and Britain. Additionally, it has given publicity to London, and as a result, the state reaps from repeat visitations. On the same note, most industries have earned extra income from the employment opportunities provided by the event. For example, music and designer artists receive increased orders for costumes from the carnival dancers. Let the media also highlight the positive contribution of Notting Hill Carnival instead of its shortcomings all the time.

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