Responses needed

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Responses needed
Responses needed. 200 words minimum with references. Wednesday 9pm EST (5/3)
Text: Leadership: Theory, Application, & Skill Development, Ch. 3: Leadership Behavior and Motivation
How do personality and values influence one’s behavior? How might leaders develop team values to illicit desired behaviors? How might a consultant leverage the personalities and values of organizational leaders during a change initiative?
Discuss similarities and differences among the three content motivation theories. p. 80
Discuss the major similarities and differences among the three process motivation theories. p. 87
Explain the four types of reinforcement. p. 93
State the major differences among content, process, and reinforcement theories. p.98
Text: CHAPTER 9 Charismatic and Transformational Leadership
Discuss the effects of charismatic leadership on followers. p. 323
Distinguish between socialized and personalized charismatic leader types. p. 326
List the qualities of effective charismatic and transformational leaders. p. 333
Distinguish between charismatic and transformational leadership. p. 338
Text: Leadership: Theory and Practice, Ch. 8: Transformational Leadership
After reviewing the leadership theories/styles for Week 1 & 2 readings, with which three leadership theories/styles do you most identify? What are the similarities of these three styles? How do these styles differ?
Text: Leadership: Theory and Practice, Ch. 9: Authentic Leadership
What factors affect one’s attitude? How might one’s attitude affect one’s behavior? How do emotions influence behavior? How does the psychological contract affect one’s attitude and behavior?

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