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It is a fact that the Supreme Court often makes final judgments on a wide variety of cases. There-by making sure there is “equal justice under the law “. Each decision affects the legislative review of the law or statute that was involved in the final decision by upholding these words that are written on the main entrance to the Supreme Court building. These words qualify the Supreme Court as the highest court in the nation to make decisions on any case involving issues that fall under the Constitution or the laws of the United States ( It is their ultimate responsibility to ensure that the American people receive the promise of equal justice under the law and also functions as the guardian of the interpreter of the Constitution of the United States ( In article 3 of the Constitution, there is a section that states “the judicial power of the United States, shall be vested in one Supreme Court, and in such inferior courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish”. This is what gives the Supreme Court its ultimate power, however, Congress is permitted to decide how to organize it through the Judiciary act of 1789. There is also a lower federal court system established at that time (US Within the Supreme Court there is the Chief Justice of the United States and a number of associate justices that are selected by Congress. There are eight associated justices currently on the supreme court of the United States. The power to nominate the justices is given to the president of the United States and they are appointed with the consent and advice from the Senate ( There are also court officers that perform certain functions for the court, they include; counselor to the Chief Justice, the clerk, the librarian, the marshal, reporter of decisions, the court counsel, the curator, the director of informational technology and the public information officer ( Within the United States Constitution, the Supreme Court came about after the passage of the Judiciary act of 1789 and is directly tied to the federal government’s three branches ( An independent judiciary review that protects judges from partisan pressures is provided in the Constitution and states that all judges must serve during “good behavior” or for a life term ( Some of the ramifications of the decisions that have been made in the Supreme Court have created social uprisings based on social issues occurring at the time. Around the 1970’s, the Burger Court recognized constitutional rights to reproductive freedom and concluded that discrimination on the basis of sex would receive constitutional scrutiny ( Recently, however, being that the Supreme Court has become more conservative we see a change in the decisions being made at that level. There have been increased government controls and reproductive choice and there has been stringent rules that forbid homosexual relationships. Even though the more conservative approach seems unfair to minorities, the liberal agenda has not been able to make the same strides and fundamental change as the current conservative Supreme Court has ( We are starting to see a definite conservative view as far as abortion and women’s rights, which to me, is a good thing because there has been too many children lost because of selfishness and a lack of morals. There is also what we call the Warren court, which was on or about the early 1950’s and was a show of older wealthy white males attempting to bring about serious social change in the interest of civil rights and civil liberties ( Gloomy look at and compared the Warren M Burger courts we see decisions such as “Brown versus the Board of Education” which ended racial segregation in schools,” Baker versus Carr and Reynolds versus Simms which addressed one person one vote, Harper versus Board of elections which stopped the poll tax, map versus Ohio and Miranda versus Arizona gave new rights to criminal defendants and Griswald versus Connecticut Grove versus Wade which recognize rights of sexual reproductive privacy, including the right to obtain an abortion ( There are many of these a landmark cases that change the face of American social aspects. Later on the Supreme Court banish prayer from public schools, struck down laws that permitted sex discrimination, gave non-marital children and aliens right to be free from discrimination, gave broader protection for speech, more advocacy of crime, protected candidates from false statements about public officials, look at commercial advertising and finally dealt with tomography ( Your Supreme Court has affected many social aspects of society and the individual rights of people in communities across America.Do you agree or disagree with this writing and why or why not? add some fact to support your answer. 1/2 pagePurchase the answer to view it
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