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When considering the career goal you identified in Module 1, it is helpful to know where to go to find current information about that career. For this assignment, you will:Part I. Internet SearchFor your Internet search, you can consider visiting the following links to appropriate websites for information on:Write a one-page Microsoft Word document describing your findings from your Internet research using the following guidelines:Gladly, C. (2012, January 4). Earnings have increased for college graduates over the past 20 years! Retrieved from

Part II. Library ResearchWrite a one-page Microsoft Word document document describing your findings from your Internet research using the following guidelines:Author, I. (2013). Three easy steps to becoming a rocket scientist.
Journal of reliable career information, 66(13), 5–7. Retrieved from III. The Career Services Resource Center Tools ResearchIn the following exercise, you will explore and report on the tools available through the Career Services Resource Center on the Argosy website. From the Campus Common, navigate to the Student Services option in the upper right-hand corner of the navigation bar. Click on Career Resources in the drop down options. You will enter the Career Service Resource Center. There you will see three areas: Planning your Career, Building Your Career Profile and Career Search Tools. Explore each resource as it relates to your career search efforts. For your assignment, compose one to two paragraphs for each area, describing available resources and how you can use them to support your future career marketing efforts.Write a one-page Microsoft Word document describing your Career Services Center tools research using the following guidelines:Submitting Your AssignmentCollate your findings from Part I, Part II, and Part III into a single Microsoft Word document and include a separate page for your title page and references. You are encouraged to use the M5A2 Template provided below to help you organize your assignment.Purchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view it
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