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Please answer both parts.
1. do a brief character comparison of Bartleby and the Narrator. How would you describe each man in relation to each other? How would you characterize their relationship? use quotes from the book to support your claims. What do you think of Bartleby ? What adjectives would you use to describe himself? do you think there is a protagonist and antagonist ( a “good guy” and a “bad guy”)or is it more complicated?
2. Do a short analysis of the phrase “i would prefer not to” one of the most famous phrases in American literature. How do you interpret this phrase? does it represent insolence or something else?what do you think Bartleby is saying in this moments ? this could be seen as an example of passive resistance. How has passive resistance functioned in U.S. history and what might Bartleby be resisting?
a.this phrase is often called a representation of “passive resistance” and it certainly represents non-conformism. What does passive resistance mean, how has it been used in history, and would you consider Bartleby an example of a passive resistor?
b. What are the consequences of Bartleby’s non-conformism?
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