Rapid Fire Reflection

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Journals allow you to think about how the course content relates to your
experiences, philosophies, and beliefs. There are no right or wrong
answers; the value lies in your critical thinking. The questions below
may spark some ideas regarding language and communication. You do not
need to address all the questions; instead, write down your thoughts as
they unfold.

You are surrounded by language and communication! Language and
communication has become more expansive in our new digital world. While
these changes do open many doors, there are also new areas to reflect
on. Think about your day today.
How did you communicate?
Is this different than how you communicated 10 years ago?
How about 20 years ago?
Our language and our means of communication have changed over time.
Have our rules and theories also changed?
What about our interactions and expectations?
How about the effectiveness of our communication?
How do you think the new forms of language and abundance of diverse communication methods will affect our children and youth?
What is the impact of this new communication on the “old” forms of communication?
Do you think there will be a change in the language acquisition process?
What might be the advantages and disadvantages of such a change?
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