Race As A Cultural Construct

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Considering the article “Thinking Anthropologically About Race,” social scientists now understand race to be a cultural construction, not based on biology, but rather ideas we prescribe to biology. In other words, there is no genetic foundation for racial categories because you may be more genetically similar to someone in a different race than in your own.For this discussion forum, I would like you to go the PBS website dedicated to the film “Race: The Power of an Illusion.” Please explore the interactive website addressing “What is Race,” with its series of quick facts:http://www.pbs.org/race/001_WhatIsRace/001_00-home.htmPlease address one of the following questions in your post, or create your own question to invite discussion:Remember to bring in information from the article “Thinking Anthropologically About Race.”Purchase the answer to view it
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Race As A Cultural Construct
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