Psych 1

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2.How do the principles of figure-ground and moving contribute to our perception of form? Discuss how the roles of proximity, similarity, continuity, connectedness, enclosure impact the order and form of stimuli during the organizational process.3.How do we see the world in three dimensions? Be sure to discuss the research on visual cliffs, binocular cues, retinal disparity, and monocular cues.4. How do perceptual consistencies help us to organize our sensations into meaningful perceptions? Include a discussion of how perceptual consistencies help explain several well-known visual illusions, such as the Moon and the Ames Room illusions.5. How adaptable is our ability to perceive the world around us? Discuss the biological components involved in vision and the brain’s ability to adapt body movement. After you have fully and completely answered this question from a biological perspective, include a relevant example which illustrates your answer.ANSWER EACH QUESTION WITH 300 WORDS, & PROVIDE APA FORMATTED REFERENCES FOR ALL SOURCES USED. DUE BY SUNDAY AT 12:00 pm (NOON). Purchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view it
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Psych 1
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