Program Planning and Assessment Proposal: Section 5, Program Evaluation Plan

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To prepare for this Assignment, review all of the sections created in previous modules to date, especially the Module 2 Discussions and Assignments where you developed an outline of your evaluation plan. Revise your Evaluation Plan based upon new knowledge, Learning Resources, and previous peer and Instructor feedback.
Assignment: Program Evaluation Plan (2–3 pages in addition to the evaluation instruments to be placed in Appendix C)
Develop the following components of the evaluation:
The Program Evaluation Plan section evaluates the extent to which the program is meeting the predetermined program outcomes and objectives. The introduction includes the following:
A brief synopsis of the program proposal being evaluated
Questions guiding the evaluation
Select one informal and two formal methods or strategies for program evaluation data. At least two of the documents should use quantitative measures; requires the input of numbers or a graduated scale. Examples of approaches might include the following: A formal survey or checklist, formal interview, formal observation, formal anecdotal evidence such as test records, informal conversations, informal tally of comments, informal interviews, Question & Answer activity, etc.
Design three documents to gather program evaluation data. Each document must include all of the following:
Provide the name of the document (e.g., Likert Survey, Semantic Differential Scale, Checklist, Questionnaires, etc.)
Explain the type of instrument or activity (e.g., formal or informal)
Provide key purpose for the assessment instrument or activity (e.g., identify the top three concerns of stakeholders)
List guiding questions of the instrument or activity [Include a minimum of five and maximum of ten questions]
Describe how the instrument or activity will be implemented (e.g., Online Survey Monkey handout, email, etc.)
Illustrate how the data will be analyzed (e.g., descriptive statistics (frequency, mode, median, mean) or reporting of numbers in a graph, etc.)
Articulate how the findings will be reported (e.g., handout at staff meeting, email, etc.)
Conclusion: Summarize what you learned about the planning process and reflect upon what you would do differently next time you develop a program plan to implement. (2–3 paragraphs)
Appendix A: Annotated Bibliography
Appendix B: Needs Assessment Examples
Appendix C: Evaluation Instruments
Note: The contents of your paper should be substantiated by the literature, utilizing reference citations and providing a reference list at the end of the paper. Please refer to the APA manual (6th ed.) for appropriate guidelines to support scholarly discourse.
Refer to the “Program Planning and Assessment Proposal Overview, Introduction, and Guidelines” document in the Module 1 Learning Resources for specific information.
I have attached the following assignment documents for reference so that you see where I’m going with this. Thank you
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Program Planning and Assessment Proposal: Section 5, Program Evaluation Plan
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