Operating Systems Assignment 5 Questions

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a. -rwx- – -r-xb. drwx- – -rwxc. d- -x- – -r-xd. prwx- – – – – – – 10. Linux uses an LRU algorithm to manage memory. Suppose there is another page replacement algorithm called not frequently used (NFU) that gives each page its own counter that is incremented with each clock cycle. In this way, each counter tracks the frequency of page use, and the page with the lowest counter is swapped out when paging is necessary. In your opinion, how do these two algorithms (LRU and NFU) compare? Explain which one would work best under normal use, and define how you perceive “normal use”. 1. Compare and contrast Android and the Linux operating systems. 2. Compare and contrast the Android and Windows operating systems. 8. The role of the Linux kernel is crucial to the Android operating system. Explain in your own words why this is so.Purchase the answer to view it
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Operating Systems Assignment 5 Questions
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