Need Response Done MAT 221 Have To Be 2 Seperate Answers Details Below

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MeredithBirthdate 3/27/1983A=3; B= (-27); C=83 the numbers 3, -27, and 83 are integers because they are whole numbers or counting numbers. 3^3 – (-27) ^327+1968319,710.00In this problem a and b have exponents of 2(3-(-27) (3^2+3*(-27) + (-27^2)(3+27) (9+ (-81) + 5430*-72 + 54=-2214In this problem, numbers are represented as letters to be variable.
(-27-83)/2(-27)-3-56/-54-3-56/-51I think I did all these problems wrong. Jean1. the following vocabulary words will be used to demonstrate knowledge and solution of the following math work.ExponentIntegerVariableLowest TermsDivisorFor this exercise I will use my date of birth May 11 1977. I will use the Integers on my date of birth as follows:A= 5B= -11C= 77For part A I will use the following formula, notice that both Variables A and B use an Exponent to the third power.A^3-B^3 5^3-11^3125-(-1331) =1456For part B I will use the given formula(a-b) (a^2+ab+b^2)(5-(-11)) (5^2+5(-11)+(-11)^2(5+11) (25-55+121)(16) (-30+121)16(91)=1456 both results for part A and B are exactly the same.For part C there are Divisors used within the mathematical problemb-c/2b-a-11-77/2(-11)-5-88/-22-5 = -88/-27The result is an improper fraction at its Lowest term
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Need Response Done MAT 221 Have To Be 2 Seperate Answers Details Below
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