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In this module, we will turn the focus to you, as an individual with personal experience of recent American history. You are not just a person consuming and studying history, you are also an agent of history. Your life is part of the story. In this assignment, you will be asked to consider your own history and use it to think about some of the larger patterns in modern American history that you read about this week.
In an essay of approximately 4 pages (about 1000 words), excluding title page and references, consider the following:
What was life like for people like you (you can think about this however you want — i.e. people of the same age, race, religion gender, culture, socioeconomic background, in the same regional location, etc.) in the late 20th century and/or early 21st century (1980s-2000s)?
How does your story fit within the larger patterns of social, cultural, political, or economic history of the US in this era?
Consider at least one of the following topics in your analysis:
The end of the Cold War
Discrimination in this era (due to race, sex, gender, sexuality, etc.)
Social movements in this era
Changes in technology/the internet age
September 11, 2001
The Great Recession
As far as possible, your paper should make use of the ideas, sources, and themes that you covered in this course. Any sources used should be cited and referenced in APA format.
You must include at least one outside primary or secondary source beyond the course readings.
Your Module 8 Assignment should include:
An introduction paragraph with a clear thesis statement outlining your overall argument
Body paragraphs with specific evidence from primary and secondary sources from the course as well as any necessary outside research to support your points
In-text citations and references in APA style
A conclusion paragraph that synthesizes the information you present and summarizes your main points
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