MBA 611 Week 7 Assignment 2 Business Economics

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MBA 611 Week 7 Assignment…
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MBA 611 Week 7 Assignment 2 Business Economics
Due Date: Week 7 Answer both questions.
Total assignment marks: 100
Answer both questions. Total assignment marks: 100 Note You must submit your assignment in one (1) file only
Your answers to this assignment should include references to recently published journal articles or books, media news as well as information on the web. Where appropriate you are encouraged to challenge relevant economic theories providing your own views.
Question1. Compare and contrast business environments in 2 or more countries of your choice (one country should be your own). Evaluate how their business environment is influenced by government economic policy which may be identified through your application of economic theory. Critically evaluate your local economic business environment measured against your choice of a comparative international economic and business system. You should use any pictorial techniques which you feel are appropriate to illustrate and justify your evaluation, e.g. Graphs, charts, economic curve diagrams, etc. (60 Marks)
Question2. Critically evaluate measures used by governments and central banks to manage the economies of their countries. By critical evaluation use convincing arguments for or against measures used to reduce, minimise or alleviate economic difficulties many countries face. You should use examples in your submission to illustrate your justified view. (40 Marks)
Answer both questions. Total assignment marks: 100
Specific requirements are given below: You are required to type up and submit a Word document file which will include your answers to the above two questions. In preparing your answers to the assignment, you are required to follow the specific guidelines below: You are to work on this assignment individually without the help of others. Your answer should be grounded in relevant economic theories.
Use Times New Roman or Arial 12 pt with 1.5 spacing between lines. Include a cover page with the name of the course and course code, your full name and student ID number, and the date. Pages must be numbered. Headings and sub-headings should be clear and visible. The text should flow smoothly, with each section leading naturally and logically to the next one. Late submissions will not be accepted.
Reference all sources appropriately using the Harvard Referencing system. Note that although you may include direct quotes from various sources of information, your answer should not merely be other people’s work. That is, even if you identify the sources of information that you use, you should not copy too much information directly from other source
Try to paraphrase as much as possible and include your own thoughts in your answers. Even if you paraphrase you still need to identify the source of information. When you copy directly be sure to identify the pages. Finally, when you include your own thoughts be sure to justify them with supporting references. All assignment answers will be checked for plagiarism using Turnitin.
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MBA 611 Week 7 Assignment 2 Business Economics
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xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx Environment
The xxxxxxxx environment xx a xxxxxxx is basically xxxxxxxxx with various xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx the xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx the organization xxxx xxxxxxxxxx decision-making on xxxxxxxx xxx xxx capabilities xxxxxxxxxxx xxx efficiently. xxxx concept xx also xxxxxxx in the xxxxxxxxxxxxx business xxxxxxxxxxx xx different sovereign countries. xxxxxxxx the business environment of a country is xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx by xxxxxxx political, and economic xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx 2009). Apart from xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx cultural, xx xxxx as legal, xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx the business environment xx a country. Therefore, xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx environment of xxxxx xxxx xx xx own xxxxxxx and the USA to xxxx xxx xxxx facts xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx of the xxxxx and xxx USA
The xxxxxxxx environment xx Egypt xx xxxxxxxx different
– – – more text follows – – –
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