Mahatma Gandhi‘s use of connotation and diction, English homework help

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“The Englishmen did not die in Malaya or on Burma soil. What shall enable us to retrieve the situation? Where shall I go, and where shall I take the forty millions of India? How is this vast mass of humanity to be aglow in the cause of world deliverance, unless and until it has touched and felt freedom. Today they have no touch of life left. It has been crushed out of them. It luster is to be put into their eyes, freedom has to come not tomorrow, but today.”

Identify and explain Mahatma Gandhi‘s use of connotation and diction to create a formal or informal writing style in this passage from his Quit India speeches of 1942, citing specific examples from the text.

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Mahatma Gandhi‘s use of connotation and diction, English homework help
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