MA215 W1A

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Question 1The following information regarding the ten richest Americans was reported in a recent issue of Forbes.Question 2A sample of the ages of 10 employees of a company is shown below.20 30 30 30 50
30 30 30 20 401. What is a dot plot?2. If this set of data were going to be used to make a dot plot, what variable would be on the x axis? Why? What variable would be on the y axis? Why?3. If you were going to make a dot plot, what would the title be? Remember that titles show relationships between both variables.4. Using a method of your choosing, construct a dot plot for the above data which includes a proper title and axis labels.Question 3The following data shows the price of PAO, Inc. stock over the last eight months.MonthPrice ($)11.8221.8531.8641.9151.9762.0072.0182.08Purchase the answer to view it
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MA215 W1A
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