Local Gap in Data and Action Plan

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Review the following:
Chapters 7 and 8 in the course text
Chapter 6 in the Bambrick-Santoyo (2010) text
Chapters 2, 3, and 4 in the DuFour and Fullan (2013) text
Chapters 13 and 14 from the Knowles, Holton, & Swanson (2015) text
The videos (a) Data-driven Instruction and Assessment: Richland II School District—Action planning and (b) Data-driven Instruction and Assessment: Bethel School District—Action planning
Note descriptions of planning for purposes of improving instruction based on evidence.
Refer to the Alignment and Achievement Worksheet you completed in Module 1.
Your action plan will be a blueprint on how to achieve your district’s goals. In it, you must complete the following:
Recommend one significant instructional goal for your chosen district (Gwinnett County Public Schools in Georgia).
Specify each step or benchmark to reach the goal.
Identify potential internal and external stakeholders.
Identify responsible individuals to guide, coordinate, and monitor each activity.
Include resources for each step or benchmark.
Provide a time frame for when each step can be completed.
Describe quality indicators that will be monitored and used to evaluate effectiveness.
Length: 8 to 10 pages
Part 2: Multimedia Presentation to Stakeholder Audience
Data can be intimidating. If data are not presented with the audience in mind, one can quickly lose the opportunity to engage the very people who may be responsible for implementing effective instructional strategies. As a CIA leader, developing data-driven policies and allocating resources needed to deliver a robust evaluation program are critically important. As an effective CIA leader, you will select the data that are meaningful, relevant, and useful to stakeholders. You will present the data so that others can widely understand and consider them. The message communicated through the data you present will tell a district’s story so it can be told, and retold, in support of providing good instruction to all learners.
Develop a 5- to 8-slide presentation that will provide your selected stakeholder audience with an overview of your analysis and the data used to support it.
Ensure that the presentation is professional and suited for use in a public forum.
Use a presentation application (PowerPoint, Prezi, Empressr, SlideRocket).
Demonstrate one identified gap in data, and provide an explanation that is appropriate for an educational audience.
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