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Lesson 3 Exercise 1
Upload an outline for your formal Introductory speech, where you introduce either yourself, or a friend. You will follow the development and outline included with these directions. This speech, unlike your original speech to introduce yourself, will follow a clearly defined pattern. I am most concerned you learn the pattern, as you can use it for many types of speeches in the future.
By Day 6: Upload your outline for the Formal Autobiographical speech
Learn how to develop an extemporaneous speech.
Learn the principle of “Brainstorming”.
Learn the basic structure of a speech: Introduction/Body/Conclusion – as illustrated in the attached PDF file.
Caution: You are to upload an OUTLINE – NOT a script. While the videos talk about “stories” please do not write out the stories in detail. This assignment is an outline NOT a script. If this concept is unfamiliar to you, please read the information regarding outlining you can find within this course, within the text. Scripts will receive ZERO credit.
The idea of speaking extemporaneously, is that you use the outline as a guide. Manuscript speeches (speeches that are simply read by the speaker) are unexceptable in this class.
When writing a sentence outline, incorporate ONE sentence per point. If you have more than one sentence, you have a sub-point and it should be treated as such.
Be certain you know how to write an outline before submitting this assignment.
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