Challenge or obstacle related to managing human resources in health care

Choose a topic (within the last 5 years) that presents a challenge or obstacle related to managing human resources (the healthcare professional[s]) in health care. Describe the challenge or obstacle, its relevance, and present a solution (research supported) for managing it within the healthcare organization.

Sources from peer-reviewed articles

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Challenge or obstacle related to managing human resources in health care
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Sample answer

Challenge or Obstacle Related to Managing Human Resources in Healthcare

In healthcare, the human resources act as the conduits for either improving the quality of healthcare and the perceptions people have about the sector or jeopardizing the gains made in healthcare. Since the human resources in healthcare are typically highly-trained, managing such professionals could present an obstacle. However, the challenge of managing the healthcare professionals is relevant in two ways and could be managed in unique ways.

The Challenge

Within many healthcare facilities, the perceived need for autonomy among healthcare professionals is the primary obstacle. According to Esmaeilzadeh, Sambasivan, Kumar, and Nezakati (2015), most healthcare specialists feel that they need a sense of autonomy when going about their professional roles. Autonomy, in the context of the human resources in healthcare, refers to the practitioners’ tendency to feel that they do not have to consult the healthcare leaders before making decisions. Autonomy is a challenge since the managers would obliviously influence the human resources to fail to give their best input.

Relevance and Solution

Such a challenge implies that the human resources in healthcare organizations believe in their abilities and skills. A doctor’s training, for example, puts them in a precarious position when they are torn between consulting their healthcare managers and going ahead with their treatment plans notwithstanding the decision-making powers of their healthcare leaders (Lamiani, Borghi, & Argentero, 2017). As such, the challenge of factoring in the need for the decision-making autonomy could trigger novel management approaches in healthcare. To solve the challenge, healthcare managers could institute policies which allow the human resources in their healthcare facilities to make more decisions without having to consult their superiors (Esmaeilzadeh, Sambasivan, Kumar, & Nezakati, 2015). Since the decision-making autonomy revolves around the patients, the new policies could revolve around allowing the healthcare specialists to freely exercise their expertise.


Esmaeilzadeh, P., Sambasivan, M., Kumar, N., & Nezakati, H. (2015). Adoption of clinical

decision support systems in a developing country: Antecedents and outcomes of physician’s threat to perceived professional autonomy. International journal of medical informatics84(8), 548-560.

Lamiani, G., Borghi, L., & Argentero, P. (2017). When healthcare professionals cannot do the

right thing: A systematic review of moral distress and its correlates. Journal of Health Psychology22(1), 51-67.

Sources from peer-reviewed articles 

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