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Please answer the following questions below, based on the assigned readings and Power point presentation. Submit your assignment through the Assignment option on Blackboard. Each question is worth 5 points (40 points total for the assignment). Make sure to answer each question completely, and in full sentences. Remember, detail matters!
Describe the problems associated with using crime alone as a measure of police performance. Use examples to illustrate.
What is discretion? Discuss the three general types of factors that can influence discretion, and use examples to illustrate.
What are the three examples of effective administrative rulemaking in policing used in your text? Explain each.
Explain Tyler’s model for understanding why people comply with the law and cooperate with the police. Use examples to illustrate.
What is racial profiling? Describe two types of benchmarks that are used to determine whether racial profiling is occurring. Use examples to illustrate.
What is the difference between under-protection vs. over-enforcement? Use examples to illustrate.
Describe the two primary resources available for the adoption of body-worn cameras: the National Body-Worn Camera Toolkit ( and the US Department of Justice Body-Worn Camera Pilot Implementation Program ( What does each provide? Visit each website and describe one thing you learned from visiting each website.
Discuss the primary benefits of body-worn cameras identified in the available research studies to date. Be specific about benefits, the studies, and the statistics that document benefits.
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