I’m Looking For Help To Answer Chmistry Lab Questions

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1) When calculating the density of a liquid you measure 8.2 mL in a graduated cylinder with markings every 1 mL and measure the mass on a balance 9.548g. What is the density of this liquid with significant figures?2) Consider the density calculation in problem 1. If you wanted to have a more precise density measurement typically that means spending money on better equipment. Would you spend money to (a) improve the volume to measurement to 0.01mL or (b) improve the mass measurement to 0.0001g or (c) improve both the volume and mass measurements? Briefly Explain3) Which is more precise (a) a 25mL Graduate cylinder with markings every 1 mL or (b) a 50 mL Buret with markings every 0.1mL? Briefly ExplainPurchase the answer to view itPurchase the answer to view it
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I’m Looking For Help To Answer Chmistry Lab Questions
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