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Enter the following TWO VIDEOS (1 at a time) into the search engine: Geraldo vs. Head Black Panther, Very Explosive Interview. AND Geraldo vs. Head Black Panther, Very Explosive Interview (PART 2).The first video is approximately 9:41 minutes in length & the second video is approximately 2:57 minutes. There will be 3 questions to answer. 1. Is “White suffering” the same as “Black suffering” as quoted by Malik Shabazz? What is your opinion?2. Do you agree/disagree with Geraldo Rivera’s statement that, “Reparation is the same Welfare Programs that has turned a generation into unproductive people.” Definition of Reparation: The Act or process of making amends for a wrong. Something done or money paid to make amends or compensate for a wrong. i.e..(How the U.S. paid out close to 1.6 Billion in the late 90’s to Japanese Americans that had been taken to Internment Camps during WWII war. (Families were separated, homes, & businesses were confiscated). Also, the genocide that the U.S. directed upon the American Native Indians. 3. Do you agree/disagree with Malik Shabazz that Geraldo Rivera is a “Sellout to his people & is also part of the problem.”? —————————————– http://www.youtube.comEnter the following into the search engine: Bobby Seale Speech (uploaded Jan 15, 2012) This video is approximately 4:59 minutes in length. There will be 1 question. 1. What is your opinion on Bobby Seale’s short speech? In his mantra, “Power to the People.”, do you think people of color have any power today? ——————————————– http://www.youtube.comEnter the following into the search engine: Davey D. Interviews Bobby Seale-History of the Black Panthers (Breakdown FM). This video is taken from a Radio broadcast. The video is approximately 55:08 minutes in length. There will be 5 questions to answer. 1. Who founded the Black Panther Party (BPP) and specifically why?2. What is Institutionalized Racism? Do you think this still occurs today?3. What was Bobby Seale’s background (his education & profession/trades)?4. What did Bobby Seale teach & impart upon new members of the BPP?5. What were the different programs that the BPP offered the community? ——————————– http://www.youtube.com Enter the following into the search engine: Eyes on the Prize, Pt 5/14 Be sure to enter exactly as stated, this video is part of a PBS series: (“Eyes the Prize” Part 5: Mississippi, Is this America, 1962-1964). The video is approximately 55:17 minutes in length. There will be 3 questions to answer. 1. Dave Dennis from (CORE) is shown speaking at James Chaney’s funeral as a young man. As an older man he states, “This country operated then and still operates on violence, an eye-for-an-eye, a tooth-for-a-tooth that’s what we respect.” Discuss the pros/cons of his statement in detail.2. What is the MFDP? Name (3) people associated with it. Where did Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer speak (City & Function)? What did she ask/petition for?3. Discuss J. Edgar Hoover’s stance on refusing to protect civil rights workers. He stated that, “The FBI is not a police organization, it’s an investigative organization and no protection will be given to individuals; this was a matter for the local authority.” Included in your discussion should be legal and moral implications.Purchase the answer to view it
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