Huma Unit Questions – Italian Renaissance

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SELECT FOUR below1. When did the Black Death occur? What effects did the Black Death have in society AND the arts? Give at least one specific example of art related to the Black Death.2. Name at least three characteristics of Renaissance art. Give at least one specific example for EACH characteristic you list.3. Who defined the rules for perspective art? Why is this technique important? Provide at least one specific example of perspective art from this time period.4. Describe the painting School of Athens. How does School of Athens reflect Renaissance thinking and philosophy? ALSO identify the some of the main figures in The School of Athens. Discuss the painter’s treatment of them (for example, why is Diogenes on the floor to Aristotle’s left?)5. Does Machiavelli’s image of The Prince reflect or contradict the Renaissance concept of individualism? Humanism?6. Discuss the changing role of artists and their patrons between the Middle Ages and the High Renaissance.’7. Analyze the system of patronage in Florence by focusing on the Medici family and their artistic contributions to the city. Name at least two artists who worked for the Medici family.8. Who is your favorite Renaissance painter? Renaissance art work? Why?Purchase the answer to view it
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