HN502 Unit 4 DBP

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I need assistance in answering the following DBP. APA, in-text citation and reference. 350 Words. Many of you may have an interest or are already working with children and families in this profession. Working with children and families, often will include providing services to children of color including bicultural children. Discuss some of the challenges these families face and steps you can take to assist.· Parents of color must create a safe environment in which their children can grow up despite racism. You learned from your readings this is called creating a buffer zone. What suggestions can you make to parents to help protect children of color from negative attitudes and stereotypes, and increase their self worth and prepare them for racism?· What additional suggestions would you offer to parents with bicultural children and White adopted parents of children of color?· Describe your personal challenges and ways to overcome working with:o Racial/ethnic differences of children and families of coloro Their personal experience of being different that clients report as part of their life experienceso Clients voicing feelings that they experience you as different from them Please and Thank YouPurchase the answer to view it
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HN502 Unit 4 DBP
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