History Finals 7 Multiple Choice Questions Time Limit 25 Minutes

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Terms: There will be a total of seven (7) multiple choice questions drawn from this term bank. Each question will be worth one (1) point. Additionally there will be two (2) terms that you will be asked to define and explain how and why they are important to the general historical narrative. These terms will be worth two (2) points each. The Common Wealth System The Missouri Compromise Sojourner TruthThe Industrial Revolution War of 1812 Oregon Trail Waltham’s power looms Seneca Falls Conference Abolitionism Compromise of 1877 Temperance Movement John TylerGettysburg Address Popular Sovereignty The Force BillFugitive Slave Act William Lloyd Garrison “King” CottonAndrew Jackson Frederick Douglass Dred ScottKansas-Nebraska Act Turner’s Rebellion VicksburgIndian Removal Act of 1830 Uncle Tom’s Cabin Fort SumterThe American System Transcendentalism ReconstructionEmancipation Proclamation Henry David Thoreau Manifest DestinyMartin Van Buren Mississippi Black Codes Margaret FullerThe Whig Party Missouri Compromise Cotton gin54th Massachusetts Joseph Smith (Mormonism) Free Soil Party The Panic of 1837 “Bleeding Kansas” FourierismOrdinance of Nullification Lewis Hayden Lowell (MA)Radical Republicans The Texas Revolution political machineWilmot Proviso Compromise of 1850 Fort Sumter
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History Finals 7 Multiple Choice Questions Time Limit 25 Minutes
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