Generations in the workplace

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Generations in the workplace
I would like you to consider different techniques in the recruiting of Millennials and the role employee benefits play in the recruitment of new talent to your workforce.
First watch the following video titled, ” How Millenials Have Changed Hiring and Recruiting”::, and then the article:
After you have completed both, you are to assume the role of Acme Engineering’s (fictitious company), talent acquisition specialist (recruiter), and answer the following three questions:
1. What tools or approach to the recruiting of Millennials would you consider based upon the statements from the video? Explain.
2. What benefit might you use to attract a Baby Boomer that may not be of specific interest to a Generation X or Generation Y (Millennials) applicant?
3. Identify at least one potential benefit and how you might use to attract candidates in all four generations. (Traditionalists: 1930-1945, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y).
300 word minimum, APA format, use these two sites for references. It must also have intext citations

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Generations in the workplace
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