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In the 1970s, clinical psychologist David Rosenhan and several of his colleagues were admitted to hospitals after they sought treatment, reporting they were hearing voices that they described as “unclear.” Each of these psychologists was admitted to various hospitals in different areas of the United States. Truthfully, however, none of these psychologists were experiencing the symptom of hearing voices. In fact, all were participating in a study of the effects of labeling in regards to mental health in the institutionalized setting. Once admitted to the hospital each of the colleagues reported no more symptoms of voices and behaved in a manner that was true to their real demeanor and personality. They would respond to each test that was administered honestly, with responses that reflected who they truly were. Shockingly, many of these psychologists remained hospitalized with the label of schizophrenia for an average of 19 days, due to the stigma of the label they received upon admission to the hospital. You can learn more about this experiment by watching the following video: .
Rosenhan’s study was just one example of the issue of the harmful stigma that affects those who have been diagnosed with a psychological disorder.
As you think about this example, describe stigma as it relates to psychological disorders.
How can it affect those who have been diagnosed with a psychological disorder?
Are there certain psychological disorders that carry a more negative stigma than others?
Next, take some time to research a successful or famous individual who has been diagnosed with a psychological disorder.
Which psychological disorder or disorders was this individual diagnosed with and what is the stigma associated with that label?
How has this individual worked through the stigma of his or her psychological disorder to be successful? What challenges did he or she face?
Interact with your classmates regarding psychological disorders, stigmas and the challenges faced by those who have been diagnosed with a psychological disorder. As you compose replies to classmates, you may consider addressing:
What have you learned that you did not know before your participation in this discussion?
What benefit do you gain from this knowledge?
How do you think this knowledge can benefit you in your career field or the real world?
What questions do you still have?
Your main post should be at least 250-300 words long.
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