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Test III Major City AssignmentTest three is a take home exam that involves an interpretation and analysis of African American Progress and Stagnation in a major city or county of your choice. Y?our take home report should be between three and five double spaced typed pages and should consist of a comparative analysis of African Americans and whites as well as other ethnic groups and whites in your city or county. Your analysis should compare, contrast and explain the racial demographic differences. Including but not limited to the following variables drawn from the US bureau of census data.
1. Provide a comparison of Black, White and other ethnic group population from 1980, 1990 and 2000- What section of the city has gain or loss population- report frequencies and percentages- 3 yr. ACS 20008-2010
2. Total Population- 3 yr. ACS 8-10
3. Population by race- 3 yr. ACS 8-10
4. Hispanic by race- 3 yr. ACS 8-10
5. Population by age- 3 yr. ACS 8-10
6. Sex by age by citizenship status- 3 yr. ACS 8-10
7. Citizenship status of voting age population- 3 yr. ACS 8-10
8. Geographical mobility in the past year- 3 yr. ACS 8-10
9. Means of transportation to work- 3 yr. ACS 8-10
10. Household type for population in household- 3 yr. ACS. 8-10
11. Marital status for population- 3 yr. ACS 8-10
12. Educational Attainment- 3 yr. ACS 8-10
13. Speak English- 3 yr. ACS 8-10
14. Family household below poverty- 3 yr. ACS 8-10
15. Female household below poverty- 3 yr. 8-10
16. Total population below poverty-3 yr. 8-10
17. Household income- 3 yr. 8-10
18. Median family income- 3 yr. 8-10
19. Family income- 3 yr. ACS 8-10
20. Median family income- 3 yr. ACS 8-10
21. Per capital income- 3 yr. ACS 8-10
22. Employment and earning- 3 yr. ACS 8-10
23. Veterans in the civilian population- 3 yr, ACS 8-10
24. Receipt of food stamps- 3 yr. ACS 8-10
25. Employment status for 16 and above- 3 yr. ACS 8-10
26. Unemployment status- 3 yr. ACS 8-10
27. Homeowner and renter by household- 3 yr. ACS 8-10
28. More than one person per room crowding- 3 yr. ACS 8-10
29. Disability by age- 3 yr. ACS 8-10
30. Lack of health insurance- 3 yr. ACS 8-10
31. Median earning for past 12 months by race- 3 yr. ACS 8-10
******* Also use Community Economic Toolbox for a general analysis and description of many of the variables to be used in your study. See
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