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2. Paper length must not be shorter than 600 words. Not meeting this word count criteria will result in a lower grade.3. Your essay will be aided ENORMOUSLY if you cite lectures, readings and post EXPLICITLY. For example, “Knapp in lecture noted that…” or “According to Cahn…” Not making these direct connections to class material will result in a MUCH lower grade. You need to include in text references and citations in a reference list for these connections.4. While you are free to use quotes, do not overuse them. I want this essay to be in your voice, not that of someone else. If you do quote, provide the source and a page number.5. Show me that you know this material, be comprehensive and write clearly. You will be graded on spelling, grammar, and writing style.6. Be sure to place your name on the essay.7. Use spell check. Excessive spelling and grammar errors will result in a lower grade.8. Save your file as a WORD DOCUMENT and upload using the link at the bottom of the page.9. Make sure that you develop this on your own. Don’t just copy the content and structure of the lectures. Read the information on cheating on the course syllabus. QUESTION:Throughout the quarter, we have examined a number of issues regarding women in sport. For this final essay, pick two of the issues we have covered and using a critical perspective – discuss why those issues are important (doing so for each separately) .First Issue: Sexuality and sport (articles from class below) Second Issue: Disability and Sport (articles from class below) Purchase the answer to view it
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