Summer Dress Code

To the esteemed employees, summer is upon us and so is an increase in temperatures. These conditions are likely to cause discomfort among workers if we uphold our strict dress code. To express our concern to our employees and worker performance, we would like to lessen our rules concerning the Work dress code. We will allow different exceptions for the male and female gender.

Gentlemen’s Dress code:

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Summer Dress Code
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Since we operate an entertainment company, men will be allowed to wear polo shirts, with and without collars. Moreover, they can dress in short sleeved shirts. However, the shirts worn should not have a logo that represents a different company in the entertainment industry in the country. The only logos allowed on employees’ shirt will be that of the company. Khaki bottoms are the only casual cloth that will be allowed. Loafer shoes are the only casual that the company accepts. Jerseys, shorts and sweat pants are not allowed as a dress code for the company. Also, footwear as Flip flops and sandals are not tolerated as an appropriate dress code.

Ladies’ dress code:

Polo shirts, dress shirts and blouses are the only forms of tops allowed for the ladies. Ladies should also ensure their shoulders should be covered at all times, irrespective of their top design. Similar to men, only company logos are allowed on dress shirts. Revealing clothes such as spaghetti tops and low cut tops is not allowed in the company dress code. The company also accepts Khaki bottoms skirts, but they have to be at least one inch above the knee. In addition, the open shoes and official high heels are also acceptable. Similar to men, ladies should not wear sandals and flip flops to work.

We hope the recommended dressing code will make you more comfortable at your workstations. We should keep in mind that we are the company’s image. In case of clarification, feel free to inquire either from me or my boss.

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