Experiential Performance Critique

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Write a response to the production inspired by the Experiential Criteria below.
Experiential Criteria are based on the actual performance experience from your perspective:
1-Pre-show experience in the space (audience, program, sights and sounds)
2-The world of the play (how was the playing space defined? design elements, staging)
3-Performance effect produced by the work of the actors
4-Responses by the audience
5-Overall experience of the production (immediately following the show and afterwards)
Rubric For Performance:
1-Play titles are italicized.
2-Remember to be specific about your arguments and assume the reader is familiar with the play.
3-When referring to an actor or practitioner, do so the first time by mentioning their first and last name, and then by last name only throughout the remainder of your essay.
4-It is okay to state your personal opinions as long as you back up your clearly stated points with “theatre language.”
5-The story is discussed in present tense, and the performance is discussed in past tense.
6-Introduce the play you saw: Show title (in italics), playwright, director and venue.
7–Avoid retelling the story, but briefly describe the plot points (sequence of events).
Details of the show that I attended.
1- The name of the theatre: Pear Theatre. It is located in Mountain View, CA.
2- The date of the play: OCT 29, 2016.
3- The name of the play: Major Barbara by George Bernard Shaw.
4-The director of the play: Betsy Kruse Craig.
5- The name of the performers: Briana Mitchell [Barbara Undershaft], Bryan Moriarty [Adolphus Cousins], Todd Wright [Andrew Undershaft],
Vanessa Alvarez [Rummy/Bates],
Monica Cappuccini [Lady Britomart/Mrs. Baines],
Becca Gilbert [Sara/Jenny],
Nicolae Muntean [Morrison/Peter Shirley],
Michael Saenz [Steven Undershaft/Snobby Price], and
Michael Weiland [Charles/Bill].
6-The Capacity of the theatre: 40 seats.
7- Music was playing before the show: And Her Mother Came Too.
8- My comments on the theatre:
most of the audience are older people. There were no younger people except me and my friend. The theatre was too small. The chairs were low quality.
Also, There are pictures of the performance in the files.
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