Discussion post – Course Project Challenges and Fair Division

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Discussion post – Course Project Challenges and Fair Division
1. Think about the course project you have just finished this week. Focus on the course project, not the entire course, then answer the following:
Initial Post

What was the one section of the course project that you found the most challenging to complete? Include details to explain why it presented the challenge for you and how you found the needed solution; or did you obtain a solution? (NOTE – reaching out to someone for assistance is considered a solution)
2.This week we are learning about fair division. We could be dividing something positive (like a prize) or something negative (like debt or labor). Please answer all of the questions below:
According to the book, what does it mean to have a fair division of something?
Does a fair division mean that you will always get the biggest/best portion? Is it possible that you will you envy the portions of other players?
Test out the Divider-Chooser Method with two people you know. (Make sure that you explain the procedure to the two players before you try out the method. Maybe even let them do a trial run.) Tell us about the experience. Did the two people believe that they received a fair division of the goods?

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